Friday, 23 March 2018

13. Closing Post

Dear examiner
                         Thank you for reviewing and considering my project. You will find all the relevant posts under the "AS Research and Planning" tag on the right hand side of this page.

This blog is now closed.

12. My Final Production

Here are my 4 final print adverts:





Wednesday, 21 March 2018

11. Production Review: My Production and My Intended Improvements

Below are the current versions of my adverts however, it was clear to me that adjustments were necessary. I decided to ask the opinions of my teachers and peers in order to help establish exactly what needed changing.

The main issues raised were:

  • It might be a good idea to feature a slogan stating that the adverts were selling deodorants to ensure no confusion amongst the Total Film readers. I will aim to rectify this.
  • The model in the 'Be Cool' advert is too small and should fill the space a bit more, so I will make her bigger in future edits.
  • Some grading is required across the 4 ads which is something I will definitely add
  • The packshot in the 'Cool' ad is too big in relation to the model so I will make it smaller
  • The slogan in the 'Sport' ad is unclear- need to change colour
there were also some points raised by my teacher, such as the links made to a film in one of the ads-however after a brief explanation, these issues were resolved.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

10. My planning evidence

Below are the different forms of planning that I employed in order to create an efficient ad effective campaign.

Rough Flatplans
These were important to create to not only help me decide what would work aesthetically but to also help me illustrate my ideas to others, whilst still remaining vague enough to let me make changes if necessary.

Risk Assessment
Important to remain safe whilst also enabling shooting to be as seamless and risk free as possible.

Cast/Costumes/Props List
 This is useful as it helps to communicate what you want from any actors as well as helping you keep on top of whats needed to shoot successfully.

Shoot Schedule
This is one of the most useful documents when insuring that you stay on top of timings.

Pack Shots
 It was necessary to create a pack shot relatively early on early on to help with branding as well as to help with envisioning the final product. 
The below image is just one example of what my actual product will look like (the sport edition), as I will have 4 slightly different deodorant bottles, one for each theme/advert.

This was also critical as it contains my wave logo, something equally important to my branding and aesthetic.

Monday, 5 February 2018

8. The Planning I Intend To Complete In Order To Ensure A successful Outcome For My Production

In order to create a successful campaign, it is always pragmatic to put in place many different planning methods.

Below is a list of the different planning methods I intend to use.

  • Rough flatplan- important as it is a good way to indicate some rough idea of what the final product will look like (8/1/18)
  • location recce- important for me to be able to scout out specific locations, Brick Lane is a big place (3/2/18)
  • Risk assessment- to ensure shooting goes as seamlessly and risk-free as possible  (8/2/18)
  • Cast/costumes/prop list- helpful when indicating what you want your adverts to look like plus good for organisation (10/2/18)
  • Shoot schedule- important in terms or keeping organised (13/2/18)
  • Logo and/or pack shot edit- Useful to do now as it will help me visualise my final advert (5/2/18)
  • Rough edit- useful when receiving audience feedback as if any changes need to be made it is not too late, but the edit is accurate enough to be indicative to the TA  (24/2/18)

In combination, these should all help me create an effective and practical advert.

Friday, 2 February 2018